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What We Can Expect from AR in 2021.

AR (augmented reality) is becoming the bridge that connects the real physical world and the digital virtual space. It allows us to connect two different scenarios, in which the real world is ‘augmented’ with a digital experience.

Interactive technology holds immense potential to revolutionize the interaction between human beings and machines. A recent study reveals that worldwide, AR technology users will grow to the 1.96 billion by the end of 2021as it has application in several industries.

AR has one significant advantage - its usability. It can enhance customer interaction with technology on an entirely different level. With the Covid pandemic, the need for touchless technology gained momentum, and from there, a new cycle started. The use of self-service interactive kiosks with touch screens has skyrocketed in popularity in many businesses in recent years for various products and retail services. As modern consumers demand more interactive features and freedom of choice when they make purchases – more and more brands are turning to interactive signage to satisfy these needs.

The intuitive nature of interactive technology makes it an ideal tool in retail environments. Consumers who have experienced making purchases online are potentially more comfortable using self-service kiosks. And these are not the only benefits retail businesses can gain from interactive systems.

From automobiles to healthcare, education, tourism, ecommerce, sports events, gaming and design, Augmented Reality is not a trend that will be hyped then fade away. It is here to stay and evolve into a whole new experience. As touch screen technology is taking over electronics with daily use of devices like smartphones, tablets, display panels and infotainment units e.g. in cars – it’s only a matter of time before businesses will take things to the net level with the introduction of AR.

We are about to see where the adoption of AR will take us as there is a lot more to examine and work on.

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Carnellia Ajasin CEO of Mind Katalyst, is passionate about inventing new technology products in the emerging technology space that are meaningful and relevant. She works with ambitious organizations and businesses on the strategic application of innovation, creativity and emerging technologies to create competitive advantage, transformative impact and growth in business and society.