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What inspires you? What I learned from my social media fast | Amber Quinney & TEDxYouth@Buffalo

Take a social media break as you explore the dangers of social media addiction on the human brain and it's harmful effects on society. College scholar Amber Quinney shares with you how she lost her appetite for virtual interaction through her year-long social media fast. Through her talk, learn how to be more mindful of your social media presence and how to be more present in your own life. Amber Quinney is no average college student. A Marketing major at Canisius College, she has completed seven internships and earned more than $50,00 in private scholarships. Amber was a finalist at the national C.E.O. elevator pitch competition, won two research grants, and twice was a WNY Prosperity fellow. She completed the University of California Emerging Leaders Program, and is the founder of “Charm School for Sisters,” which teaches young girls of color about self-love, sisterhood, and success skills. Her talk is based off of her recent research for candidacy for her degree and explores the negative effects on the brain of over saturation of social media exposure and addiction. Her talk also explores the critical role that social media and media stimulation plays in our everyday lives.

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