When it comes to a company's personal branding strategy, there are a number of startling statistics. During Talaya Waller's recent TED talk at Penn State, she shared a certain statistic that should stop the average company dead in their tracks. Did you know that the average employee has ten times as many followers as their company on social media?

Businesses must take a closer look at the role that personal branding is going to play, from a social media standpoint.

In order to build individuals within an organisation as personal brands, with the use of social media, there are some guidelines that an individual must follow in order for it to be a win win for both the company and the individual.

Here are 5 tips

1. Knowing Your Own Goals

What is the exact goal that you are looking to achieve? Is it to be the authority in your industry in one area of expertise? Stand out from the competition? Increase profits? The sooner you have set an actionable goal, the easier it becomes to shape your strategies accordingly. Choosing the right social media platform is also crucial. Those looking for wider levels of engagement will typically choose Twitter and/or Facebook. Companies that specialize in images gravitate to Instagram. Companies that solve complex problems will gravitate towards LinkedIn.

I see so many brands and businesses try to create a social media profile on every single platform out there with the aim of reaching as many people as possible.

This will often lead to burnout and inefficiency as you will not reach your ideal target audience. For example, you won’t be on Pinterest to promote your corporate security services, and you won’t be on LinkedIn to attract diners to your restaurant.

2. Defining Your Special Traits

In other words: what makes your company stand out from the crowd? What do you stand for and why do people need to recognise you? When you are creating social media profiles for yourself, you need to be sure to include all special skills and areas of interest. This allows you to appear in far more search results than they would have otherwise.

3. Use Multiple Channels

There's nothing wrong with creating a certain sense of ubiquity. The best way to reach a target audience is by making sure that you are always in front of their faces. In addition to having accounts on all of the major social media hubs, a YouTube channel and a personal blog are great ways to maximise your personal branding.

4. Remain Consistent 

Personal branding is all about establishing a consistent voice. A business that is looking to get the most out of their social media presence from a personal branding standpoint will want to make sure that they remain consistent across all platforms. Even something as simple as your colour scheme should remain the same on each platform.

5. Share Quality Content

At day's end, it will not matter if you have a snazzy social media presence. In order to stay relevant in the eyes of major search engines like Google, quality content needs to be shared on a regular basis. This will drive your business' engagement levels because readers are far more likely to share quality content with friends and loved ones who are also potentially interested in your goods and services. Sharing content from other reputable sources within your industry is also recommended.

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