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The LinkedIn in High Heels Manifesto came out in 2017.

The first manifesto came outlines a list of affirmations that women can take to effectively, proactively, and positively lead online.

The manifesto includes 10 rules for women to abide by:

  • We have Powerful Stories to tell! We use our stories to empower people and lift others up.

  • We Inspire Positive Change! We lead change with conviction and confidence and improve our online community for all.

  • We collaborate and work to build strong People Pods! We ensure engagement, tap into the collective intelligence, and believe in the power of collaborative efforts.

  • We believe in our Superpowers! We are humble, strong, curious, determined, caring, ambitious, and pay things forward.

  • We don’t focus on taking but rather focus on giving! We act as mentors and role models in all we say and do.

  • We have a strong Vision and Mission! We don’t focus on creating followers, we focus on creating more leaders.

  • We are Strategic, Present, Genuine, and Personal! We are strategic yet check in with a genuine hello.We recognize and believe strongly in Diversity, Inclusion, and Space!

  • We create an atmosphere in which all women feel valued, respected and have the same opportunities as others.

  • We separate ourselves from Negative Energy! We don't believe in the excuses our minds come up with. We find the good side of any problem and set ourselves up for success.

  • We are Kind! We share, like, comment, endorse, introduce, recommend, thank, collaborate, and connect regularly.

Shelly Elsliger is a globally recognized LinkedIn Trainer, Forbes contributor and member of Forbes Coaches Council and a Career Specialist.