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Innovators under 35

This list was extracted from MIT Technology Review that has been presenting this list for the past 20 years. This contest generates more than 500 nominations each and the editors then face the task of picking 100 semifinalists to put in front of our 25 judges, who have expertise in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, software, energy, materials, and so on.

This is the Female Innovators under 35 MIT.

Christina Boville

CEO at Aralez Bio

Christina Boville helped design a process that improves biology’s way of controlling chemical reactions. She starts with natural enzymes—proteins that enable chemical reactions in living cells—and engineers them to produce useful chemicals that don’t exist in nature. The approach can reduce manufacturing times for compounds used in the pharmaceutical industry from months to days, shrink waste by up to 99%, and cut energy consumption in half.

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Nadya Peek

Assistant Professor at the University of Washington

Nadya Peek began tinkering with machines out of stubbornness. As an undergraduate, when she collaborated with artists on their installations, she often ran into limitations with the tools and equipment they were using. Rather than accept her fate, she hacked the machines until they finally did what she wanted. It got her thinking: why couldn’t machines be more flexible? What if instead of changing your idea to fit the tools, you could change the tools to fit your idea? Thus began her quest to create application-specific machines that could help anyone do almost anything. Read More