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Diversity is not about political correctness or keeping up with the trends.

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

In this day and age of globalization, the world can finally see and appreciate the power and

beauty of diversity. But while technology and innovation have enabled us to connect and

collaborate, we, as humans, haven’t been able to always keep up with the trends and

changes. Sadly, not a few organizations I know are still ages away from the ideal workplace

that we aspire to be – equal, fair, inspiring, and nurturing. Despite all the good things that

are happening to our world or our businesses, I believe that diversity can bring it to even

greater heights. Today’s gifts of advanced technology and awakening awareness give us the

perfect opportunity to embrace diversity and bring it into our realm.

My biggest advocacy is gender equality in the workplace and women empowerment. And

that is only a small aspect of diversity.

A diversified team, working in harmony and understanding, is strong, creatively superior,

dynamic, and engaging. People from all walks of life come with diverse experiences,

knowledge, ideas, viewpoints, and skills. Bringing it all to your company is a powerful force

that can spell the difference between mediocre and greatness.

Diversity is not about political correctness or keeping up with the trends. It is acknowledging

and respecting the beautiful idiosyncrasies of humans. And with this, we do not only

embrace what is beautiful and natural, but we are also using it to forward our cause and

realize our dreams.

Creating and/or transitioning to a diverse team can be tough. But, once we’ve changed our

mindset and start opening our minds to the possibilities and opportunities it presents,

embracing workplace diversity is not even a question.