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Digital Business Women now is Female Tech Leaders!

Since last Summer, I have been thinking about where I want to go with the magazine. And started wondering if I should rebranding - even changing the name. It is a rick move, I know but without taking risks my life would be so bland and boring.

It took me 6 agonizing months until I have a clear idea of where I want to go, starting with the name. Our last edition was February and we gave you a review of the past months since the end of 2018 throughout 2019 editions. You can have a look here if you missed!

I just love the Cover!

Literally felt in love with the new design and the slow transition has started - a new colorful second page, more content without missing our focus on technology, more collaborations and a new and robust website.

Our main goal is still the same "empowering women and girls worldwide".

A new Membership Area is coming!

With the membership area, you can have access to the magazine content not only 6 times per year but every day if you want! We have been developing a series of talks and training without missing the main point: having high-quality tech content curated for women.

Also, we will interview people who have been involved in technology and innovation, women who are fighting for the cause, our blog that will bring every week news and lifestyle tips without forgetting our usual high-quality tech content.

One big change?

Lifestyle Recommendation!